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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  October 3, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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hurricane matthew is next. new playing wild ball, (sally) yah! (vo) she can now replace the number 4 with tonight's wild ball, number 3. making her a winner! (sally) thanks, wild ball! (vo) don't change the way you play, change the way you win! learn more at action news. delaware valley's leading news program. with jim gardner. monday night, the big story on action news is the creepy clown phenomenon. it has arrived in the delaware valley. if you haven't been paying attention, the creepy clown has been taking unresidence on social media. and there is nothing that is funny about it.
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people have been using these images of creepy clowns to make threats. often against schools. today police in washington township arrested a 13-year-old girl and a 14-year-old boy in separate incidents. the girl has confessed to making online threats against fellow students. she has been charged with cyber harassment. police say the boy was making a general threat to do harm to the public. in philadelphia police have identified a 13-year-old girl who made creepy clown threats towards local schools. action news reporter jeanette reyes is live at the school administration building. these may be intended as pranks, but parents and police say there is nothing funny about them. >> reporter: that's exactly right. these clown threats and sightings, jim, really terrorized the country and hit close to home over the weekend after several threats were made to area schools. tonight we learn about the
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arrests made and why experts say specifically clowns tend to get the kind of reactions we have seen. >> it's horrible. terrorism, really. >> reporter: george knows firsthand the terror recent clown threats have caused. his daughter attends one of the schools that were targeted. >> my daughter and i last night we were talking about it. she's a little bit scared. >> reporter: clown threats and chilling sightings have been reported in more than two dozen states over the last several weeks. police in washington township, new jersey, arrested two teens. and police in philadelphia have identified a 13-year-old girl. she said it was all a prank. >> she was old enough to make the prank, she should pay for what she's done. >> disturbing pictures like this one were posted to instagram. the caption reads, hello, we are in philadelphia area today. user then issues a chilling warning that kids will be kidnapped at 5 p.m. >> i think people should take it seriously. but some people think it's a joke. but you don't know if it's a
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joke. >> reporter: frank farley, a psychology professor at temple university said a new line has been drown in what was considered an innocent prank. >> pranks that threaten lives are not innocent anymore. this nation and 9/11 was invade the from the outside. and we have had terrorist incidents since then. >> reporter: he adds it's no surprise clowns are being used to scare people. studies have shown they are considered the creepiest profession. but history also plays a part. >> a 13-year-old doesn't know about john wayne gacey. but parents do. who was this lovable clown in chicago who everyone wanted this clown to come to the children's parties and so on. and he was systemically killing young boys. >> reporter: and, jim, what makes it so tricky for police, it's so easy to create a social media account and put out threats. there are literally dozens of
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philly clown accounts on instagram. we do know that recently after this news broke one -- an anonymous user at this point apologized for making these threats. reporting live, jeanette reyes. channel 6 action news. thank you. one person rushed to the hospital following a shooting in coatesville. we were over the scene at the 600 block of belmont street. police say someone opened fire. the victim was taken to the hospital. there are now some models that have hurricane matthew coming close to the atlantic coast of the united states. one that even shows the storm making land fall. currently the storm is clobbering haiti and eastern cuba. tomorrow night and wednesday it'll be the bahamas coming under assault. the storm could dump up to 40 inches of rain and cause massive mud slides. of course, haiti is still suffering the effects of the deadly earthquake in 2010 with 50,000 people living in tents.
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let's get the latest from cecily tynan and accuweather. >> it looks like matthew could be affecting the u.s. coast by the weekend. so the good news is for us we've got time. we've got time to track the storm. it's really the opposite situation for haiti. this is the eve of what is close to a worst-case scenario for haiti. look at hurricane matthew, it's a category four hurricane. you can see the eye clearly defined. it's very si metcal. and the maximum sustained winds increased to 145 miles per hour. it's getting stronger approaching southern haiti. right here. they're already getting very heavy rain. and the problem with this storm is that it's moving at a snail's pace. it's only moving at 7 miles per hour. it's 190 miles southwest of port-au-prince, and it will be skirting the western tip of southern haiti overnight. and almost threading the needle
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in the win ward passage, avoiding cuba and the mountains. the problem with that, it won't weaken. it will be a category four tomorrow night and heads into the bahamas as a category three by wednesday morning. and watch this track, it's shifted well to the west. it's very close to the eastern side of florida by thursday evening. by friday evening, off the coast of jacksonville. and then heading into the weekend the models show either a land fall or just kind of grazing eastern north carolina. the big question, where does it head from them? some of the models show it really heading inland. other ones had it out to sea. where it heads has big impact on our weather. we'll talk about that and the timing coming up on the full accuweather forecast. >> of course. thank you. is your complete resource as we monitor hurricane matthew. check the storm 6 live radar before you head out. you can count on regular updates
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following each of our meteorologists on facebook and twitter. you don't often see this in a place like vettner, new jersey. an exchange of gunfire between police and a barricaded man signaling the end of a tense standoff. even the s.w.a.t. team was called to the scene. dann cuellar is live. what are the details? >> reporter: we have confirmed d that at least one person was injured. initial reports indicate there was a hostage situation. it was just before 7:00 near the intersection of burley and burr set. s.w.a.t. was called after the man refused to come out. a half hour later, an action news watcher heard gunfire seconds before police were heard yelling at the man. [ gunfire [ startled neighbors
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panicked. >> shotgun blasts. >> reporter: shotgun blasts. how did you react? >> i walked away. the fire engine was over here. we were over by the corner and the police officer said come by the fire department -- fire engine. >> reporter: at first some neighbors say they didn't know what was happening. >> it sounded like fireworks. but we opened the door and came in, then i heard them again, they're not fireworks, they're gunshots. and we ran out of the house. we saw the cops there. >> reporter: a number of ambulances rushed to the scene. we can confirm that at least one person received medical care and transported by ambulance. but don't know the nature of the injuries and left some neighbors unnerved. >> i got scared. really scared. it was scary, really. we never heard that before over here. >> reporter: the situation has ended but the area remained cor doned off. we are waiting for the exact nature of the incident, what
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precipitated the gunfire and the status of the alleged gunman. i'm dann cuellar. >> thank you. nigel bradham has been arrested for carrying a loading gun inside miami international airport. police say bradham tried to carry the gun through security, but an x-ray machine picked it up he told workers he forgot the gun was in the bag and showed his concealed weapons permit. he's facing a charge. he was arrested in july for allegedly attacking a hotel employee for a dispute involving an umbrella. he is out on bond for that charge. and the certain on for two suspects robbing pharmacies in delaware and pennsylvania. the fbi looked into the armed robberies that began in july. they robbed a rite aid in delaware, the springfield pharmacy in delaware county, and the health plus in upper darby.
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they have been getting away with cash and thousands of dollars in pharmaceuticals. a burglary suspect made himself as home when he broke into the house. homeowner returned to his home on edge water avenue saturday to a broken door. he heard a familiar sound and realized somebody was in the house. >> i go in the house. he had smashed the alarm system off the wall. and he was in the shower, taking a shower. >> fields called police who quickly arrived and arrested the suspect. 28-year-old antoine whiting has been charged with burglary, theft, and criminal mischief. the pennsylvania auditor general auditing the pennsylvania parking authority following allegations of sexual harassment within the agency. the executive director of the ppa resigned last week. accused of sexually harassing two coworkers. the auditor general says he
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wants to investigate how the ppa handles sexual harassment and discrimination in the work place. septa rails resumed a weekday schedule today. but the situation has been apparently short of being resolved. the afternoon commute seemed to go smoothly. with the main status board indicating all trains on time. but that certainly wasn't the case this morning. a preliminary count showed that one in ten trains was delayed for an average of 12 minutes. in july the transit agency was forced to take more than 100 cars out of service for repairs. overcrowding and long delays cost 15% of the rail riders. a statistic that it hopes will resolve itself. >> we're hoping that by word of mouth people will see that we are building our trust and reliability in that our customers will come back eventual. >> advice for commuters is this, pack a little bit of patience while all the glitches are being corrected. two injured police officers
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honored tonight at the fourth annual protect the badge reception. christopher dorman and philadelphia police officer jesse hartman were given plaques for their service. the event raised money for officers who have been killed in the line of duty. over its history that event has raised more than $20,000. our own action news videographer mike organized and mc'd the event which included golf today. chad pradelli and annie mccormick took part as did a number of channel 6 colleagues. still ahead, hillary clinton surges ahead of donald trump in a new national poll. plus federal investigators working around the clock to recover a second data recover from the new jersey transit train that crashed into a stakes. and the philadelphia police department, a fleet of environmentally friendly cruisers. >> responded by breaking out of
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the clouds. yesterday, 67, today, 76. and clouds roll back in. and the latest for hurricane matthew and what it can mean for us. plus the eagles are getting one of their offensive weapons back. ducis rodgers with that story and more when action news continues. is that ice-t? nope, it's lemonade. is that ice-t? lemonade. ice-t? what's with these people, man? lemonade, read the sign. lemonade. read it. ok. delicious. ice-t at a lemonade stand? surprising. what's not surprising? how much money marin saved by switching to geico. yo, ice-t!
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the new york attorney general's office ordered the trump foundation to stop fundraising in the state. new york's top attorney says the non-profit has never registered to do so and the ag is threatening to sue for fraud if the activity continues. this comes just a day after the new york times released parts of the republican presidential nominee's tax returns from 1995. they showed that trump lost almost a billion dollars that year and because of that loss, trump may not have paid any federal income taxes for nearly 20 years. hillary clinton recruited star power to help her campaign today in chester county. actor ted danson stumped for clinton today in west chester.
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a new cnn/o are, c poll shows clinton opened a five point lead over trump since the first presidential debate. she leads 47-42%. libertarian gary johnson draws 7%. the green party's jill stein has 2%. the vice presidential running mates square off tomorrow night in virginia. republican mike pence and democrat tim cain are practiced public speakers with lengthy political careers. it could be a good debate. and you can watch it right here on channel 6. live abc news coverage begins tomorrow night at 9:00. the ntsb says it could be days before investigators reach the second data recorder which is still in the wreckage of last week's deadly new jersey transit train crash. officials have located and recovered the first recorder from the train, but that device was not working. so now the focus is on that second recorder.
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it's located inside the cab control car at the front of the train, which remains trapped under the collapsed section of the hoboken terminal's roof. investigators are working 12-hour shifts to sift through the debris. last thursday's crash killed one person and injured more than 1 hundred others. reality television celebrity kim kardashian west is back in the u.s. after being robbed at gunpoint in paris. the suspects first attacked the concierge at the star's residence. then they forced the concierge to lead them to the apartment where kardashian was staying. the suspects then tied up kardashian, locked her in the bathroom, before taking many than $10 million worth of jewelry. police are searching for five suspects in paris tonight. philadelphia police department unveiled its first plug-in cars today. they are ford fusion energy. the standard gas hybrid with
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plug-in capability. they can travel 22 miles before the gas engine with and get up to the equivalent of 97 miles a gallon. a charging station has been installed in china town. >> look over the next year how to increase the size of the charging station so that they can be increased throughout the day. >> the cars will be used by community relations officers and eventual each police district will have one. they're part of the department's effort to be more environmentally friendly. seven day accuweather forecast, of course, we are watching the track of hurricane matthew. >> yes. it's going to be devastateing haiti overnight and could have a big impact on our weather by the weekend. storm tracker 6 live showing locally tonight in the short-term, not a lot going on. quiet conditions out there. the action cam in center city, it's comfortable in philadelphia. we got a little bit of the urban eat island effect going on. kind of trapping in the heat in
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the asphalt. it's 64 in philadelphia. but the outlying areas, 50s. reading, 56. the poconos with 48. a taste of fall. the atlantic current, 56 degrees. and along with action radar, a mix of clouds and sunshine today. a few isolated shower this is afternoon. cleared out as high pressure takes control. but what that high pressure will do is bring an earlier flow tomorrow. that will bring moisture for the morning commute. not in the form of rain, but lots of clouds, patchy fog. temperatures are seasonal, 6:00, 59 by 8:00. heading into the afternoon, improvement. probably around lunchtime. the clouds breaking for at least some sunshine. not quite as warm as today. today, 76, normal is 71. tomorrow, more seasonal. high of 71 degrees. wednesday, partly sunny, 72. look at weather map. these are the main factsers
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determining where matthew will head. the high pressure is very strong. heads all the way into bermuda. and what this can do is steer the storm towards the coast. what we also have heading towards the end of the week is this trough. and that trough can kind of kick that storm out to sea. so it's a bit of a tug of war with the system. a lot of questions with how it will affect our weather. but no question what it's going to do to haiti. and the problem is the rain. rainfall, 15 to 25 inches up to 40 inches in haiti. and they are on the east side of the storm. so they're getting the worst of it. so this will cause devastating flooding and mud slides. and that system is almost threading needle as it works up to the north very slowly. so this means it's barely going to weaken as it heads past cuba. it's moving at a snail's pace. it will move into the bahamas by wednesday morning. and the latest track takes it dangerously close to the east coast of florida by thursday evening. and could be picked up by the
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trough and swing around and make land fall in southeast north carolina or skirt the coast by saturday evening and either head out to sea or hug the coast. what does this mean? we know we are going to get rough surf, dangerous rip currents. the track past the carolinas, the timing. but i would think late sunday into monday would be the best time we could get the high winds and heavy rain if matthew tracks closer. so the exclusive accuweather seven day forecast, tomorrow morning, fog and some sunshine. thursday, 73. friday, nice. 74 degrees. on saturday, clouds will increase in advance of matthew. it's a very big storm. 73. sunday and monday. this will really all up to the track of the storm. i think even if matthew heads out to sea that trough will likely bring some showers sunday into columbus day. a lot of questions with this storm system. and we will be getting new information overnight. and david murphy will have the latest on action news early
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tomorrow morning. >> watch twitter and facebook feeds. >> i have been posting a lot. the last post is from haiti, the poverty. it's hard to believe how the people are going to survive this storm. >> there's no ground adhesiveness. >> and their mountains, so the rain is funneled down the mountains. so mud slides are going to be a big problem. last major storm to hit haiti from the south was hazel in 1954, a thousand people died. >> thank you. tyler perry's new movie tonight, the actor, writer, director and producer walked the red carpet. tyler perry's boo: a madea halloween. she is watching misbehaving teens. movie opens october 21st.
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action news sports brought to you from fios by verizon. ... bye week is over, back to work. >> getting ready for sunday's game at detroit. say what you will about the bye early. it came at a good time from an injury standpoint for the birds. zach ertz has been cleared to return to practice. he suffered a rib injury in week one. he's been out ever since. he is happy for the team's success in his absence, but also anxious to contribute. >> i'm really excited about having the opportunity to go out there and have fun. i mean, you live and die playing this game. metaphorically, obviously. but at the same time it is tough to not be able to go out there open and every sunday and play. >> the fliers are just 71 days away from their season opener. tonight it's another tuneup.
11:28 pm
this time against the rangers. back following his success at the world cup of hockey. a big second period lead, travis connecting. flyers occupy 3-0. a pg-13 broadcast, hello. the rangers come back in the third. ties at three. we go to overtime. just 27 seconds in, jake wants to go home. dinner's getting cold. this was the game winner, fliers, 4, rangers, 3-more after the break.
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comcast business. the sixers opened the nba
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exhibition schedule tomorrow against the celtics. jahlil okafor will not play. they are taking precautions with his knee. and likely to start, the 2014 first round draft pick. everyone is excited to see what this big man can do. there will be a limits limit on him. coach will decide how those minutes are divvied up. >> i feel like i'm going to spend my money quick. i do. you know, instead of like nursing it, you know, four minutes here, then four minutes, three, two periods later. i think you just got to play him and maybe don't have him for the second half. >> to the phillys. when your team batting average is .240, something has to change. they let go of hitting coach steve henderson. poor hitting led to poor offense. the fewiest runs of any team by a wide margin. the manager who had a front row seat knows the statistics all too well. >> we know that we need improved
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offense. we need a little bit more in that way. and i feel that if we have a better offensive team next year, no matter how we get it, we're going to be more competitive. >> we'll say stats next time. i still can't get it. monday night football, a game of a interest to eagles fans. giants and vikings. sam bradford, early success in minnesota. and they win 24-10. like the eagles, undefeated. visit october 23rd. >> thank you, ducis. finally tonight, the new baby gorilla at the philadelphia zoo has a anymore. the public helped choose the name, amani, peace in swahili. president money raised goes to a gorilla rehabilitation sanctuary in the democratic republic of congo.
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jimmy kimmel live and then nightline. jimmy's guest, dolly parton and ella pernell. we begin at 4:30. for cecily tynan, ducis rodgers and the entire action news team, i'm jim gardner. good night. ♪ ♪. ♪
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight -- dolly parton. and from "miss peregrine's home for peculiar children," ella purnell. if now, look out -- here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: hi, everyone. i'm jimmy. i'm the host of the show. thank you for watching. thanks for coming. hey, we got -- i don't want to dampen anyone's enthusiasm but we've got to calm down because


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